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Blooming Pomme Pidou! They're growing!

Blooming Pomme Pidou! They're growing!

Pomme Pidou have been aboslutely fantastic for us. Their money boxes are our best selling products, and we have become the UK's favourite piggy bank shop (we like to think.) With more stock, designs and colours than anyone else, you can always find the perfect money box for your loved ones or yourself.
Now we are growing a new range with Pomme Pidou. The same funky shapes, and beautiful bright colours have been made into indoor plant pots! We want to know what you think about these and if they will emulate the same success of their money box brothers and sisters.
So what's the difference? Well obviously, there's a big hole for a plant pot. There's also no coin slot or rubber stopper. But what you might not know is that these plant pots (affectionately called Bloomies by Pomme Pidou) are not made from ceramic like the money boxes, but a fiberglass mix. They also aren't decoupage, but vinyl printed. 
Currently, we're just trialing two different designs. Alice the Chicken, and Dorothy the Cat. If you like them, let us know and we can add more to the collection.
Perfect for indoor plants, air plants and cacti. 
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Our Gnomes!

Our Gnomes!

Our little collection of garden gnomes captures the tradition these classic garden favourites perfectly! They make great additions to the fairy garden!

Here's some photos of a few.

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Volkswagen Gifts for the Classic Campervan Lover!

Volkswagen Gifts for the Classic Campervan Lover!

Volkswagen fans and owners needn't look any further than our collection of VW themed gifts.

Our collection includes top quality canvas bags including satchel style school bags, holdalls that make the perfect gym bag and classic hippy tote bags for shopping trips!

One, well, TWO of our favourite bits of Volkswagen merch are the colourful canvas bunting sets we have. There's the pastel montage set of flags and the brightly coloured T1 set of flags.

There are a few key rings but our favourite one by far is this charm key ring with loads of different pieces. A great licensed gift for the classic camper van owner.

Our arty coaster sets are perfect for taking on those camping trips, too. Plus, why not treat yourself to a metal tin to keep your precious stuff stored safely.

See the whole collection over here!

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Eight products to start your Fairy Garden!

Eight products to start your Fairy Garden!

Prezents are purveyors of the ultimate in fairy garden gifts. This week's blog will give you a starting guide with EIGHT items to open your mystical wonderland.

Firstly, let's start with infrastructure! You're going to need structures to draw peoples' attention.


In at number one, it's this fantastic, medieval wooden framed fairy door with regal golden ironwork on the turquoise door. It's available in brown as well as turquoise. This resin decor will survive outside and comes with a toothed hook for nailing to the foot of a tree or attaching to a wall.
Price: £14

Here's number two. You'll need to provide a roof for whatever you're hoping shacks up in your garden and we think this fallen pear house is the ideal choice. It comes with a colour-changing LED bulb and is a brilliantly whimsical adaptation to a piece of fruit! 
Price: £10

Number three. See if you can coax this birds into your fairy garden with a unique hanging bird house. This pink flower house has windows, a perch and the perfect sized entrance for our avian friends. They all come with string for hanging from your chosen place.
Price: £15

Okay, so we've sorted you with a door for down low, what about this at number four? A fairy landing pad with a hook on the back for hanging high up. Let the imagination run wild and let your fairy garden visitors decide what's going into this door!
Price: £10

In at number five is this water well. Whatever takes up residency in your fairy garden is going to need have a drink every now and then so what better way to provide them with water than this well. It's combination of stonework, used branches and a leaf makes it a charming piece of garden decor.
Price: £7

Now, what is going to live in your fairy garden. At number six, we've got the most popular pixies on Prezents. This loved up couple are the perfect pair to bring some characters into your fairy garden!
Price: £12

Number seven. What would a fairy garden be without...fairies!! This set of four charming little winged ladies is the perfect set of characters to live in your garden. Each with its own little trait they'll grab attention!
Price: £28
Your eighth product is the magical tree ent flower pot! This mystical chap is the epitome of a fairy garden and probably our favourite piece in the range! You need a wise old fellow in the garden and this is the man for the job!
Price: £23


So, there's your eight to get your started! We think there's enough there to open the ultimate garden, but if you've got other ideas go here! You'll find some brilliant stuff that's on the way and will be in stock soon as well as other doors, houses, ents, fairies and pixies!

If you've got some inspiration for us, share it with us on our Facebook page!

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Meet the Dapper Animals!

Meet the Dapper Animals!

Meet the family of Dapper Animals!

If foxes in top hats, with monocles and canes aren't your thing, then you're in the wrong place. Maybe try here...

A smart collection of the fanciest animals you'll find anywhere. They're made from resin and are uniquely beautiful decor for the animal loving home.

Whether you're a lover of cats, dogs, ducks, foxes or stags there's a dashing dapper for everyone.

They're made from resin, painted in regal colours and finished with a sparkling dash of glitter to add that shine.

Starting at £19, each Dapper is fairy large with the smallest Bulldog bust standing at 25cm. The taller, standing Dappers are all approximately 40cm tall. They really are statement pieces - especially if the statement is: "my animals must be suited and booted."

We strongly recommend keeping an eye on the collection because there will be more on the way and the Dapper Animals are here to stay!

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Retro American Style "Parking Only" Signs

Retro American Style "Parking Only" Signs

Everybody loves a bit of a retro Americana and our vintage parking signs are brilliant for making a parking spot your own!

This brilliant collection of items definitely have the potential to be long term keepsakes.

They are made of 18 gauge galvanised steel in the USA and they are certainly a gift that will leave the recipient chuffed! Not only are they heavy and of fantastic quality, they are also suitable for outdoor use.

These colourful bad boys are able to endure the elements outdoors for decades and if you don’t want to put them up outside then they make great alternative indoor art pieces for the home.

Depending on the size (they're available in 30cm x 30cm and 30cm x 45cm) they weigh between approximately 1kg and 1.4kg. They all have embossed edging and text and have holes ready for attaching to the wall.

This great collection starts at £20 and can be found here! 


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Magical Fairy Doors and Houses for your garden!

Magical Fairy Doors and Houses for your garden!'s penchant for the quirky, alternative gift has resulted in an ever-expanding collection of garden decoration in the form of fairy doors and houses.

The vibrant and magical sculptures are an audacious addition to the garden for those who want their outdoor space to be different from everyone else's.

They're made from resin which gives them a phenomenally lifelike finish and makes them weather resistant too.

The precision in the manufacturing of the woodwork in the door and stone of the frame is really incredible. The children in the family will let their imaginations run wild when they wonder what is behind each door and inside each home.

Be sure to keep checking the collection here as we're always to the range. Also, have an eye on the Pixie Collection because if you've landed here - you'll love what's over there.

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Organise your collections in style with our awesome Shelf Tidies!

Organise your collections in style with our awesome Shelf Tidies!

Here at we've brought in this fantastic collection of bookends - with a twist - for you!

There are few things more satisfying that sitting down for an evening and immersing yourself in a good book, whether Harry Potter is your cup of tea, maybe you're into Game of Thrones, Twilight or perhaps you get your kicks from Fifty Shades - we won't judge! No matter what anthology you've got, you want to show it off in your home right? 

Before you admit that you're one of these ebook types and say "these aren't for me" let us add that this collection is well-weighted and is perfect for your so many things!

From ABBA to ZZ Top - alphabetise your CDs. Those Star Wars blu rays won't keep themselves tidy! Perhaps you're the hipster with Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin on vinyl? Sort out the kids' Marvel and DC comics and keep them tidy, and in order! Maybe you are a student in university digs and want to keep your endless reams of paper and files a little neater - these will do the job!

Not only are they really practical - they look phenomenal too. The detail that has gone into them is second to none. Even the most avid of Singer sewing machine enthusiasts will struggle to find any fault with the detail on this.'s designer Ian has picked out the Vintage Normende Radio as his favourite. He said: "They just look great. When we saw pictures I thought they were excellent but I never expected such quality and precision. The Radio is definitely my favourite. It's just classic isn't it? That vintage radio you always see in movies and on TV. I'm itching to get one for my record collection!'

There is a shelf tidy for everyone. Do they love the BBC's Great British Sewing Bee?  Perhaps you've got the angsty teenager in the house who's constantly listening to music. Have you got a friend that you go to the Ballet or Opera with, or who really adores classical music? Maybe you know a keen photographer? Or a rock and roll star. 

We're quite confident that our creative team of buyers has successfully collected the perfect present for friends, family or yourself no matter what your hobby!

Have a look at the whole collection here


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Anyone for a spot of tea?

Anyone for a spot of tea?

Everyone loves tea right? It's a staple of British culture pretty much the most important drink in the world.

Our office is often flavoured with the aroma of some classic Twinings breakfast tea. It increases our productivity, obviously.

With such a passion for tea comes an adoration for quirky, collectable tea pots.

Particularly the Canadian artist, Heather Goldminc's decorative teapots. They are made from ceramic and each one is individually hand-painted. They come in absolutely superb  quality packaging making them a great gift for posting, too.

Shall we get down to it and show you some?

We'll start with the classic, English cottages we have. There's Bluewinds, Rose and, Prezent's personal favourite: Ivy. There's an image below for you to look at. The chimney  is the lid for the teapot and the ivy-laden brickwork is the spout. Prezents thinks it's a really classic looking teapot that's perfect for Grandma's shelf.


It wouldn't be a range on without some animals in amongst it! This range is no different and we've given you a variety of animals to choose from. Each one with their own characterful features.



There are six for you to admire. The rest of them are here.


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Seven Greenmen for the garden!

Seven Greenmen for the garden!

Our Greenman wall plaques are perfect for adding some character to the garden. Here we give you an outline of the Greenman and seven of our favourite faces!

Who is The Greenman? 

Throughout the English countryside one can still find many ancient churches from the Medieval age: from small village parish chapels to vast Cathedrals and Abbeys.

Built by the master masons of the Dark Ages they sow the style and decoration of the age: the vaulted ceiling, the spire, the tower, the stained glass window, the tiled floor and the Gargoyle.

Originally an embellished water spout leading from a gutter, the gargoyle appears through out these churches, outside and in: high on ceilings, on the capitals of columns, at doorways, and on bench ends. Over the period they became increasingly elaborate and complex.

Faces divine and grotesque, mocking and humorous these are snapshots on the medieval mind which amuse and puzzle us still. What do these creatures mean? Why are such profane and grotesque images found in such places of reverence? There are many theories but few firm answers.

One of the most puzzling and contradictory of images is that of the Greenman. Seemingly this figure (usually just a face) emerging from leaves or made of leaves or even spewing leaves from an open mouth is an ancient pagan image, harking back to an age of Green Magic.  Why then does he appear so frequently in Christian Churches?

The Greenman is said to embody the life force of rebirth: that after the Death of Winter Spring must return and bring with it the Sun and Growth and Plenty. The life of medieval man had few certainties and comforts: the longing for a good Harvest and belief in the power of the Greenman may well have been too strong for the arrival of Christianity to suppress.

Thus he can be found in almost every church in England if only one knows where to look.

Here are seven of our favourites!


He’s surrounded by birds and luscious foliage, he comes in FIVE different finishes, he is Green Spirit.


Oak is old, wise and important. Also, he’s green.


This chap, Green Leaf, is absolutely mad. His mouth is wide open and leaves erupt from his throat. What a character!


This lovely lady is the Green Mistress. The detail on the flourishing flowers surrounding her face is exquisite.

Green Woodland is a more recent addition to our collection and one of our most popular, too.

Another lady in this collection is Green Flora. Her painted lips and golden leaves make her stand out from the crowd.


Green Majesty is the royal representation here. He is also proper beardy, too. The trendy one of the group!

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