Anyone for a spot of tea?

Everyone loves tea right? It's a staple of British culture pretty much the most important drink in the world.

Our office is often flavoured with the aroma of some classic Twinings breakfast tea. It increases our productivity, obviously.

With such a passion for tea comes an adoration for quirky, collectable tea pots.

Particularly the Canadian artist, Heather Goldminc's decorative teapots. They are made from ceramic and each one is individually hand-painted. They come in absolutely superb  quality packaging making them a great gift for posting, too.

Shall we get down to it and show you some?

We'll start with the classic, English cottages we have. There's Bluewinds, Rose and, Prezent's personal favourite: Ivy. There's an image below for you to look at. The chimney  is the lid for the teapot and the ivy-laden brickwork is the spout. Prezents thinks it's a really classic looking teapot that's perfect for Grandma's shelf.


It wouldn't be a range on without some animals in amongst it! This range is no different and we've given you a variety of animals to choose from. Each one with their own characterful features.



There are six for you to admire. The rest of them are here.


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