Eight products to start your Fairy Garden!

Prezents are purveyors of the ultimate in fairy garden gifts. This week's blog will give you a starting guide with EIGHT items to open your mystical wonderland.

Firstly, let's start with infrastructure! You're going to need structures to draw peoples' attention.


In at number one, it's this fantastic, medieval wooden framed fairy door with regal golden ironwork on the turquoise door. It's available in brown as well as turquoise. This resin decor will survive outside and comes with a toothed hook for nailing to the foot of a tree or attaching to a wall.
Price: £14

Here's number two. You'll need to provide a roof for whatever you're hoping shacks up in your garden and we think this fallen pear house is the ideal choice. It comes with a colour-changing LED bulb and is a brilliantly whimsical adaptation to a piece of fruit! 
Price: £10

Number three. See if you can coax this birds into your fairy garden with a unique hanging bird house. This pink flower house has windows, a perch and the perfect sized entrance for our avian friends. They all come with string for hanging from your chosen place.
Price: £15

Okay, so we've sorted you with a door for down low, what about this at number four? A fairy landing pad with a hook on the back for hanging high up. Let the imagination run wild and let your fairy garden visitors decide what's going into this door!
Price: £10

In at number five is this water well. Whatever takes up residency in your fairy garden is going to need have a drink every now and then so what better way to provide them with water than this well. It's combination of stonework, used branches and a leaf makes it a charming piece of garden decor.
Price: £7

Now, what is going to live in your fairy garden. At number six, we've got the most popular pixies on Prezents. This loved up couple are the perfect pair to bring some characters into your fairy garden!
Price: £12

Number seven. What would a fairy garden be without...fairies!! This set of four charming little winged ladies is the perfect set of characters to live in your garden. Each with its own little trait they'll grab attention!
Price: £28
Your eighth product is the magical tree ent flower pot! This mystical chap is the epitome of a fairy garden and probably our favourite piece in the range! You need a wise old fellow in the garden and this is the man for the job!
Price: £23


So, there's your eight to get your started! We think there's enough there to open the ultimate garden, but if you've got other ideas go here! You'll find some brilliant stuff that's on the way and will be in stock soon as well as other doors, houses, ents, fairies and pixies!

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