Blooming Pomme Pidou! They're growing!

Pomme Pidou have been aboslutely fantastic for us. Their money boxes are our best selling products, and we have become the UK's favourite piggy bank shop (we like to think.) With more stock, designs and colours than anyone else, you can always find the perfect money box for your loved ones or yourself.
Now we are growing a new range with Pomme Pidou. The same funky shapes, and beautiful bright colours have been made into indoor plant pots! We want to know what you think about these and if they will emulate the same success of their money box brothers and sisters.
So what's the difference? Well obviously, there's a big hole for a plant pot. There's also no coin slot or rubber stopper. But what you might not know is that these plant pots (affectionately called Bloomies by Pomme Pidou) are not made from ceramic like the money boxes, but a fiberglass mix. They also aren't decoupage, but vinyl printed. 
Currently, we're just trialing two different designs. Alice the Chicken, and Dorothy the Cat. If you like them, let us know and we can add more to the collection.
Perfect for indoor plants, air plants and cacti. 
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