Retro American Style "Parking Only" Signs

Everybody loves a bit of a retro Americana and our vintage parking signs are brilliant for making a parking spot your own!

This brilliant collection of items definitely have the potential to be long term keepsakes.

They are made of 18 gauge galvanised steel in the USA and they are certainly a gift that will leave the recipient chuffed! Not only are they heavy and of fantastic quality, they are also suitable for outdoor use.

These colourful bad boys are able to endure the elements outdoors for decades and if you don’t want to put them up outside then they make great alternative indoor art pieces for the home.

Depending on the size (they're available in 30cm x 30cm and 30cm x 45cm) they weigh between approximately 1kg and 1.4kg. They all have embossed edging and text and have holes ready for attaching to the wall.

This great collection starts at £20 and can be found here! 


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