New Pomme Pidou!

We've added five great new Pomme Pidou designs!

Introducing, the King of the Jungle - but he's got a friendly face so don't worry about getting your hand bitten off! It's Leo the Lion! 

Nanou Chihuahua has been so popular for us, we thought it only right to give him a partner. Introducing the beautiful Pippa.

We love Donkeys, there's just something about them. Perhaps it's because we live so close to the lovely Donkey Sancuary in Devon, but Iggy the Donkey is sure to be a collectors favourite.

Matilda chicken is great for our farm and country friends, and we're hoping Maurice the Rooster will follow suit! A fun and funky addition to the family.

Lastly, it's our Llama - Pedro! Everywhere you look this year it's llamas. On mugs, tshirts and sometimes literally wondering down the high street! Pedro is a delightfully unique way to save your pennies.

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