Organise your collections in style with our awesome Shelf Tidies!

Here at we've brought in this fantastic collection of bookends - with a twist - for you!

There are few things more satisfying that sitting down for an evening and immersing yourself in a good book, whether Harry Potter is your cup of tea, maybe you're into Game of Thrones, Twilight or perhaps you get your kicks from Fifty Shades - we won't judge! No matter what anthology you've got, you want to show it off in your home right? 

Before you admit that you're one of these ebook types and say "these aren't for me" let us add that this collection is well-weighted and is perfect for your so many things!

From ABBA to ZZ Top - alphabetise your CDs. Those Star Wars blu rays won't keep themselves tidy! Perhaps you're the hipster with Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin on vinyl? Sort out the kids' Marvel and DC comics and keep them tidy, and in order! Maybe you are a student in university digs and want to keep your endless reams of paper and files a little neater - these will do the job!

Not only are they really practical - they look phenomenal too. The detail that has gone into them is second to none. Even the most avid of Singer sewing machine enthusiasts will struggle to find any fault with the detail on this.'s designer Ian has picked out the Vintage Normende Radio as his favourite. He said: "They just look great. When we saw pictures I thought they were excellent but I never expected such quality and precision. The Radio is definitely my favourite. It's just classic isn't it? That vintage radio you always see in movies and on TV. I'm itching to get one for my record collection!'

There is a shelf tidy for everyone. Do they love the BBC's Great British Sewing Bee?  Perhaps you've got the angsty teenager in the house who's constantly listening to music. Have you got a friend that you go to the Ballet or Opera with, or who really adores classical music? Maybe you know a keen photographer? Or a rock and roll star. 

We're quite confident that our creative team of buyers has successfully collected the perfect present for friends, family or yourself no matter what your hobby!

Have a look at the whole collection here


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