Meet the Dapper Animals!

Meet the family of Dapper Animals!

If foxes in top hats, with monocles and canes aren't your thing, then you're in the wrong place. Maybe try here...

A smart collection of the fanciest animals you'll find anywhere. They're made from resin and are uniquely beautiful decor for the animal loving home.

Whether you're a lover of cats, dogs, ducks, foxes or stags there's a dashing dapper for everyone.

They're made from resin, painted in regal colours and finished with a sparkling dash of glitter to add that shine.

Starting at £19, each Dapper is fairy large with the smallest Bulldog bust standing at 25cm. The taller, standing Dappers are all approximately 40cm tall. They really are statement pieces - especially if the statement is: "my animals must be suited and booted."

We strongly recommend keeping an eye on the collection because there will be more on the way and the Dapper Animals are here to stay!

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