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Valentine's Day is around the corner!

Valentine's Day is around the corner!

It's that time of year! Cupid is dusting off his bow and arrow and getting ready to sow the seeds of love on the 14th of February.

Perhaps you're looking for that perfect gift to show a loved one how much you care? Perhaps you're soppy all the time and this collection will inspire you? The point is, we've got you covered!

For those of you who feel like Bart, we might be able to tempt you. We've got some fabulous tongue in cheek metal signs that will hopefully get a laugh. If they're a bit close to the mark, then try some more sentimental signs here.


Sticking with beautiful gifts for the wall, we've put some of our stunning decorative ceramic tiles in a collection, too. Here are some romantic Parisian scenes.  We've got a couple of dancing themed tiles by Beryl Cook as well.


We've put some gorgeous bronze figurines in our Valentine's Day category too. Romantic embraces such as this.  We've got a symbol of a loving couple and very popular sculpture of a pair of holding hands.

If that's not your thing, Sterling Silver Jewellery might be. Earrings and pendants made from Swarovski crystals make up our sparkling range.

For the quirkier folks out there, we've got some amazing Pixie pairs that are funny gift ideas for cute couples.

You can look at everything at this link.

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Meet the Dapper Animals!

Meet the Dapper Animals!

Meet the family of Dapper Animals!

If foxes in top hats, with monocles and canes aren't your thing, then you're in the wrong place. Maybe try here...

A smart collection of the fanciest animals you'll find anywhere. They're made from resin and are uniquely beautiful decor for the animal loving home.

Whether you're a lover of cats, dogs, ducks, foxes or stags there's a dashing dapper for everyone.

They're made from resin, painted in regal colours and finished with a sparkling dash of glitter to add that shine.

Starting at £19, each Dapper is fairy large with the smallest Bulldog bust standing at 25cm. The taller, standing Dappers are all approximately 40cm tall. They really are statement pieces - especially if the statement is: "my animals must be suited and booted."

We strongly recommend keeping an eye on the collection because there will be more on the way and the Dapper Animals are here to stay!

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Retro American Style "Parking Only" Signs

Retro American Style "Parking Only" Signs

Everybody loves a bit of a retro Americana and our vintage parking signs are brilliant for making a parking spot your own!

This brilliant collection of items definitely have the potential to be long term keepsakes.

They are made of 18 gauge galvanised steel in the USA and they are certainly a gift that will leave the recipient chuffed! Not only are they heavy and of fantastic quality, they are also suitable for outdoor use.

These colourful bad boys are able to endure the elements outdoors for decades and if you don’t want to put them up outside then they make great alternative indoor art pieces for the home.

Depending on the size (they're available in 30cm x 30cm and 30cm x 45cm) they weigh between approximately 1kg and 1.4kg. They all have embossed edging and text and have holes ready for attaching to the wall.

This great collection starts at £20 and can be found here! 


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Animal Portrait Picture Tiles by Christine Varley

Animal Portrait Picture Tiles by Christine Varley

Everybody loves a charming and characterful animal portrait and we're no different at

These funky ceramic picture tiles, inspired by the Waggy Dogz artwork of Christine Varley are a super, vibrant gift idea for the animal loving, dog-owning household.

The artist herself has licensed these colourful reproductions of her work and they have proven to be hugely popular. There's a Wolf, an Alsatian, a Labrador and more.

"Developing her style as a Pet Portrait artist, Christine has a reputation for capturing the very character of the animal she is painting. The secret to a great portrait is that it is all about the eyes. Her work has been sent all over the world. Christine is a great lover of all animals and this is reflected in her paintings. She understands the importance of the relationship between owners and the their pets. The paintings are created from her garden studio in Derbyshire with her dogs around her feet." Source

Measuring 8 x 8 inches and with a hook for hanging these awesome, hand-painted beauties brighten up a home perfectly.

The great thing about the small, 8 x 8, tiles is that you can either hang them on the wall using the hook on the back of the tile or you can stand them up with the wooden leg that folds out. 

Each one costs an excellent £16 (plus shipping - orders over £35 are sent out for free) and when you get yours you'll appreciate the quality, finish and charm that each has for just £16.

Whether it's the Border Collie, Jack Russell, Labrador, Springer Spaniel or Pig...there's a choice for everyone and each has it's own colourful background.

You can find the range of decorative picture tiles by clicking the picture below.

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Beryl Cook Inspired Ceramic Picture Tiles

Beryl Cook Inspired Ceramic Picture Tiles

Beryl Cook's artwork has been adored for generations. The iconic Brit's quirky, hilarious style has become synonomous with British art. Now, on we have a recently licensed collection of decorative ceramic picture tiles featuring her artwork.

From the beginning Beryl’s work had a remarkable effect on the British, who immediately took her to their hearts. Her appeal was classless and she rapidly became Britain’s most popular artist. She was a ‘heart and soul’ painter, compelled to paint with a passion. Her paintings encapsulate joy; her style totally original, warm and so instantly recognisable that her work became part of our artistic vernacular. She possessed that rare gift – the power to uplift.

Beryl travelled considerably, gleaning new material for her work, often discreetly sketching on small cards inside her handbag to be hidden from view. Based in her beloved Plymouth, she recorded local life with as much relish as that in Buenos Aries, New York, Cuba, Paris and Barcelona. Though a late starter, Beryl completed over 500 paintings in her relatively short painting career.

Beryl Cook’s work is particularly interesting when viewed in the context of the tradition of British social realist painting and she could easily be described as a contemporary Hogarth or Gilray, although she had a more sympathetic view of the human race. She was, like them, above all a social observer.

See her full collection here.

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We're offering FREE SHIPPING on everything!!
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Check Out Our New Ceramic Animals!

Check Out Our New Ceramic Animals!

Every now and then the team will find something that we simply need to have on our website - this week it is the turn of these brilliant characters.

This charming range of ceramic animals (you probably know how much we love animals) are affordable, quirky and most of them come in pairs.

While the prices look incredibly cheap (they are) the quality is not compromised. These precious ceramic ornaments are really fine quality and also kind of arty too!

In amongst the white ceramic you can see the super-shiny electroplated silver Hedgehogs and Owls - real stand outs in the collection.

They start at the entirely affordable price of £6 for the Hedgehogs and go up to £14 for the Owl Family, of which you get two sets.

For those of you who are looking for something that does a bit more than sit there and look cute - there is the See, Hear, Speak No Evil Tealight Set which adds ambience as well as look cute.

We've also snuck in a cool couple of garden Gnomes, too.

You can see the great gift collection in its entirety here.


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Six Simply Stupendous Signs!

Six Simply Stupendous Signs!

We think every home needs a rustic metal sign somewhere. Whether it's the garden, the garage, the man cave or the kid's bedroom. Here are six stunners for you!

Given Enough Wine I Could Rule The World
Here's one for the Mums. (don't tell them we said that!) This arty take on connoisseurs of Wine is perfect for the self-deprecating wine drinker. It's got vibrant pinks, greens and blues and features some vintage wine glasses to add some class. This one measures 30 by 40cm and we think it's great for the dinner party host who always has a bottle open! Available here for £13 plus shipping.

Man's Den Rules
Next up is a go-to list for every Man's Den. Strict, clear and essential rules that every man should abide by. Whether its Junk Food, the TV remote, drinking habits or gaseous exchange...ahem..this sign is the holy commandments of the man's room. It measures 30 x 40cm and has holes for attaching to the wall. Available here for £13 plus shipping.


Dad's Garage
We've all been there. Flat tyres, a gammy clutch, an odd sound coming from somewhere. Where do we go next? A garage who'll charge you to even look at it? Or a garage where, if you're lucky, you might even get a proper dinner while you are there. Yes, it's Dad's Garage and it's always open, not matter what the problem! Available here for £13 plus shipping.


Every Love Story is Beautiful but ours is My Favourite
Every couple has their own special and unique story. Show your affection for a loved-one with this sentimental sign. With beautiful calligraphy and colours this will truly show how much you care. This is great home decor for the special one in your life and perfect for a couple's brand new home. Available here for £13 plus shipping.


A Morning Without Coffee is Like a Day Without Sunshine
There are those who like coffee, and those who need coffee! It's a proper kickstart to the day and is certainly essential for many. If you're one of those home Baristas, you'll want this sign on the wall of your kitchen. Great colours, classic design and muted tones to fit into the home perfect. It measures 30 x 40cm and it's available here for £13 plus shipping.


Princess Parking Only
Most houses are a multi-car house these days. This probably results in arguments and confusion about who parks where. Well, let be the end of all of that with our heavy duty steel parking signs! Long term gifts that will last a lifetime and you can take wherever you move throughout life. A true, vintage keepsake sign. See the whole collection of Parking Only signs, here.

 See the complete collection of our metal signs here!

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Magical Fairy Doors and Houses for your garden!

Magical Fairy Doors and Houses for your garden!'s penchant for the quirky, alternative gift has resulted in an ever-expanding collection of garden decoration in the form of fairy doors and houses.

The vibrant and magical sculptures are an audacious addition to the garden for those who want their outdoor space to be different from everyone else's.

They're made from resin which gives them a phenomenally lifelike finish and makes them weather resistant too.

The precision in the manufacturing of the woodwork in the door and stone of the frame is really incredible. The children in the family will let their imaginations run wild when they wonder what is behind each door and inside each home.

Be sure to keep checking the collection here as we're always to the range. Also, have an eye on the Pixie Collection because if you've landed here - you'll love what's over there.

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Organise your collections in style with our awesome Shelf Tidies!

Organise your collections in style with our awesome Shelf Tidies!

Here at we've brought in this fantastic collection of bookends - with a twist - for you!

There are few things more satisfying that sitting down for an evening and immersing yourself in a good book, whether Harry Potter is your cup of tea, maybe you're into Game of Thrones, Twilight or perhaps you get your kicks from Fifty Shades - we won't judge! No matter what anthology you've got, you want to show it off in your home right? 

Before you admit that you're one of these ebook types and say "these aren't for me" let us add that this collection is well-weighted and is perfect for your so many things!

From ABBA to ZZ Top - alphabetise your CDs. Those Star Wars blu rays won't keep themselves tidy! Perhaps you're the hipster with Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin on vinyl? Sort out the kids' Marvel and DC comics and keep them tidy, and in order! Maybe you are a student in university digs and want to keep your endless reams of paper and files a little neater - these will do the job!

Not only are they really practical - they look phenomenal too. The detail that has gone into them is second to none. Even the most avid of Singer sewing machine enthusiasts will struggle to find any fault with the detail on this.'s designer Ian has picked out the Vintage Normende Radio as his favourite. He said: "They just look great. When we saw pictures I thought they were excellent but I never expected such quality and precision. The Radio is definitely my favourite. It's just classic isn't it? That vintage radio you always see in movies and on TV. I'm itching to get one for my record collection!'

There is a shelf tidy for everyone. Do they love the BBC's Great British Sewing Bee?  Perhaps you've got the angsty teenager in the house who's constantly listening to music. Have you got a friend that you go to the Ballet or Opera with, or who really adores classical music? Maybe you know a keen photographer? Or a rock and roll star. 

We're quite confident that our creative team of buyers has successfully collected the perfect present for friends, family or yourself no matter what your hobby!

Have a look at the whole collection here


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