Check Out Our New Ceramic Animals!

Every now and then the team will find something that we simply need to have on our website - this week it is the turn of these brilliant characters.

This charming range of ceramic animals (you probably know how much we love animals) are affordable, quirky and most of them come in pairs.

While the prices look incredibly cheap (they are) the quality is not compromised. These precious ceramic ornaments are really fine quality and also kind of arty too!

In amongst the white ceramic you can see the super-shiny electroplated silver Hedgehogs and Owls - real stand outs in the collection.

They start at the entirely affordable price of £6 for the Hedgehogs and go up to £14 for the Owl Family, of which you get two sets.

For those of you who are looking for something that does a bit more than sit there and look cute - there is the See, Hear, Speak No Evil Tealight Set which adds ambience as well as look cute.

We've also snuck in a cool couple of garden Gnomes, too.

You can see the great gift collection in its entirety here.


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