Animal Portrait Picture Tiles by Christine Varley

Everybody loves a charming and characterful animal portrait and we're no different at

These funky ceramic picture tiles, inspired by the Waggy Dogz artwork of Christine Varley are a super, vibrant gift idea for the animal loving, dog-owning household.

The artist herself has licensed these colourful reproductions of her work and they have proven to be hugely popular. There's a Wolf, an Alsatian, a Labrador and more.

"Developing her style as a Pet Portrait artist, Christine has a reputation for capturing the very character of the animal she is painting. The secret to a great portrait is that it is all about the eyes. Her work has been sent all over the world. Christine is a great lover of all animals and this is reflected in her paintings. She understands the importance of the relationship between owners and the their pets. The paintings are created from her garden studio in Derbyshire with her dogs around her feet." Source

Measuring 8 x 8 inches and with a hook for hanging these awesome, hand-painted beauties brighten up a home perfectly.

The great thing about the small, 8 x 8, tiles is that you can either hang them on the wall using the hook on the back of the tile or you can stand them up with the wooden leg that folds out. 

Each one costs an excellent £16 (plus shipping - orders over £35 are sent out for free) and when you get yours you'll appreciate the quality, finish and charm that each has for just £16.

Whether it's the Border Collie, Jack Russell, Labrador, Springer Spaniel or Pig...there's a choice for everyone and each has it's own colourful background.

You can find the range of decorative picture tiles by clicking the picture below.

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