Quirky Animal Portraits by Sam Fenner

These are the most vibrant, quirky animal portraits you will ever see. These tiles are based on the original artwork of the brilliant British artist Sam Fenner.

They are mesmerisingly colourful and chocka with charm. Sam has such a sublime way of turning animals into characters and every single one of these tiles captures them perfectly.

Her collection of hares are brilliant. There's Hare Raising, Mad Hare Day, Harey and Another Mad Hare Day. Each has its own quirk and bright background. They make a perfect piece of home decor for the wildlife loving home.

Sam is also fantastic at turning farm animals into charmers! Soppy Cow and Spotty Cow are two of the most popular tiles in the collection and to be honest, they're my favourite too! They're great for the farming families house.

If you're after a more practical gift rather than decor, there's a beautiful set of four ceramic coasters that have four of Sam's popular pieces!

All of the Sam Fenner inspired tiles are 8 x 12 inches. They have felt backing and a hook for hanging on the wall. The great thing about these (and all of our tiles) is that if you soak them in soapy water for a while you can take the backing off and tile them into the wall of your kitchen or bathroom. You can't get tiles like this from Topps!

If you were going to add a piece of colourful decor to your home and you've stumbled across our little collection, then we promise you will love these!

See the full collection of Sam Fenner here!

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