The most colourful family around - Pomme Pidou Gift Money Banks

You will not meet a brighter, more vibrant, colourful community than Prezents Pomme Pidou money banks. The ultimate gift for those who want to save the pennies.

Our comprehensive collection is unparalleled online and we're proud to say that nobody goes Pomme Pidou like Prezents.

The family has bears, birds, cats, chickens, cows, dinosaurs, dogs, dolphins, ducks, elephants, frogs, horses, mice, owls, pigs and whales. So if you can't find a gift for someone in amongst that lot we're not quite sure what we can do!

Here's what the head of design at Pomme Pidou, Carolyn says.

"I continuously work with my team to bring you our newest creations. We are inspired by fashion, interior design and world travels; and use these themes to combine the newest trends with whimsical shapes. We are delighted sac and every time we welcome a new member to our Pomme Pidou family! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!"

 So what do you need to know about Pomme Pidou?

  • They are handmade.
  • They include fine lines and colour clouds.
  • They are sensitive to direct sunlight so must be kept away from the sun.
  • Each handcrafted money bank has subtle variations in colour and pattern.
  • Each one is unique!

They really are an excellent gift for anyone and we are absolutely certain we've got the right choice for everyone!

See the family here.

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