Five reasons why you should buy our decorative ceramic picture tiles!

We'll be the first to admit that, at Prezents, decorative ceramic picture tiles are our bread and butter.

They are one of our most popular collections we've compiled a nice succinct list of reasons why you should add one to your home decor today!

  1. Each one is unique. Across the collection we have a vast amount of tiles and each one is hand drawn and hand-painted in the factory. 
  2. They are 3D. The outlines of the artwork on our wall plaques are drawing using a clay-filled pipette. This results in the lines of the tile being raised and any with lots of detail have a nice feel to them.
  3. The colours are vivid. When a tile goes into the kiln at the factory a tile has no colour whatsoever. It is then blasted at a very high temperature producing the colours. This method gives all of our tiles a bright and vibrant colourful glaze-like finish.
  4. Many are artist's reproductions. We'd all love to be able to afford a Brent Heighton, Steve Thoms or Van Gogh painting but realistically none of us can do that! Our licensed reproductions of artists' work gives you the chance to a proper piece of art into your home.
  5. They come in different sizes. No matter what size the room we've got a tile thats perfect. From the small 8 x 8 inch tiles that can be stood up to the massive 12 x 12 statement pieces we've got you covered.

If that's not enough, we will never sway you! Go and a have a browse through the catalogue. Plus, if you spend £30 or more you can get free mainland UK shipping!

P.S. DON'T FORGET THE DISCOUNT CODE - NEWPREZENTS. Because we're helpful at there's a useful image below to show you how to do it.

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