Troll Town - Troll Parent & Child


  • Norwegian Style Troll Sculpture
  • Troll Parent and Child 
  • Fantastic, Classic Sculpture for the Home and Garden

A characterful charming, classic Troll sculpture. This brilliantly accurate Norwegian style Troll is a wonderful gift for those who love the mythology of trolls.

Approximate Dimensions: Height: 20cm | Width: 16cm | Depth: 9cm I Weight: 0.74kg

A troll is a class of being in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore. In Old Norse sources, beings described as trolls dwell in isolated rocks, mountains, or caves, live together in small family units and are rarely helpful to human beings.

Later, in Scandinavian folklore, trolls became beings in their own right, where they live far from human habitation and are considered dangerous to human beings. Depending on the source, their appearance varies greatly; trolls may be ugly and slow-witted, or look and behave exactly like human beings, with no particularly grotesque characteristics about them.

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