Treant Lady Birch Candle Holder


  • Treant Lady Birch Candle Holder
  • Incredibly Detailed Resin Sculpture
  • Perfect For The Mystical, Mysterious Fairy Garden

This precisely detailed treant sculpture is a perfect piece of decor for those who want to bring some wise presence to their mystical fairy garden or home.

Made from resin and resistant to the weather this finely sculpted products are a really quirky gift for lovers of magical and mystical world.

Designed for Tea Light candles (We recommend LED versions) 

Dimensions: Height: 24cm | Width: 15cm | Depth: 8cm | Weight: 0.72kg

What are Ents?

Ents are a race of beings in J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy world Middle-earth who closely resemble trees. They are similar to the talking trees in folklore around the world. Their name is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word for giant.

The Ents appear in The Lord of the Rings as ancient shepherds of the forest and allies of the free peoples of Middle-earth during the War of the Ring. The Ent who figures most prominently in the book is Treebeard, who claims to be the oldest creature in Middle-earth. At the time The Lord of the Rings takes place, there are no young Ents because the Entwives were lost. The Ents are akin to Huorns, whom Treebeard describes as a transitional form of trees which become animated or, conversely, as Ents who grow more "treelike" over time.

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