The Theory of the Four Humours Wall Plaque 39002


An intricately designed wall plaque by Tina Tarrant called The Theory Of The Four Humours

What was the humours theory?
The Theory of the Four Humours stated that, to be healthy, a person needed to have balanced humours. People would get diseases if they had too much or too little of any humour.
What were the humours according to the Theory of the Four Humours?
There were four humours.
❖Choler, or yellow bile, was considered hot and dry, and related to summer and fire.
❖Blood was hot and wet, and related to spring and air.
❖Phlegm was cold and wet, and related to winter and water.
❖Black bile was considered cold and dry, and was related to autumn and earth.

Dimensions: 20x20x1.6cm

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