Red and Blue Electric Guitar Shelf Tidies


  • Red and Blue Electric Shelf Tidy Book Ends
  • A Perfect Piece of Home Decor for Rock Music Lovers
  • Great Gift Idea for Lovers Shredding Guitar Solo

If you're a guitar obsessed musician, or just a fan of blinding solos and endless rhythm - then these guitar shelf tidies are perfect to organise your massive CD or Vinyl collection.

Have you got autobiographies of your favourite stars like Keith Richards, Robert Plant or Jimmy Page? These are the perfect way make the collection stand out.

Have you got your countless tour DVDs in your catalogue? Then organise them with these ace tidies!

They have a hand painted finish and these book ends are an eye catching alternative from the dull, dreary, boring book ends that you're probably tired of seeing.

They are a good weight at 1.5kg and manufactured to a supremely high standard.

We wrote a blog about how awesome they are here.

Whether you're buying for yourself or someone else - don't miss out on these!

Left: Height: 13.5cm | Width: 11.2cm | Depth: 9.6cm
Right: Height: 13.5cm | Width: 11.2cm | Depth: 9.6cm

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