Prosecco Queen Decorative Ceramic Tile


  • Prosecco Queen Decorative Ceramic Tile
  • Charming Humourous Artwork
  • A Great Kitchen Tile for Adding Colour to the Home

Wonderful artwork of Prosecco Bottles under the words "Prosecco Queen". We all know one, or two of those! 

This picture tile measures 8 x 8 inches so it can take pride of place on your wall or table top.

All of our decorative ceramic picture tiles are individually hand painted by highly skilled artists and are highly labour intensive to make. They are fired at a very high temperature creating permanent, vibrant images that will never fade. 

Technical stuff that we get asked a lot...

  • Can our tiles be placed into a tiled wall display?

They certainly can. The backing can be removed from the tile by soaking it in warm soapy water, after this is done we recommend leaving the tile to dry thoroughly before using it in your display.

  • How thick are the ceramic picture tiles?

All ceramic tiles measure 0.7cm and including the felt back they are 1.1cm

  • How do the tiles come packaged?

Each tile comes in fitted foam inside a display box. These are then thoroughly wrapped and protected for shipping.

Please note that if the artist name is stated in the title then these are direct hand painted reproductions of their work and a commission is paid to the artist or licensing house.

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