Pitbull Terrier Bronze Effect Sculpture


  • Pit Bull Terrier Dog Sculpture
  • Bronze Effect Home Decor
  • A Perfect Gift Idea for Dog Lovers

This charming sculpture of a pit bull terrier with a detailed spiked collar and his ears pricked as if awaiting his owners command is an endearing representation of the breed. A great gift idea for any dog lover.

Dimensions: Height: 15.5cm | Width: 18cm | Depth: 8cm I Weight: 0.56kg

Caring For Your Bronze Sculpture

From bronze horse sculptures to elephants, hares to dogs all are cared in exactly the same way.

  • Dust your bronze sculpture an untreated cloth or duster.
  • Don't use any chemicals at all.
  • If your sculpture is highly detailed or has tricky places to reach, use an artist’s paintbrush.

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