Overflowing Terracotta Pots Water Fountain Perfect Indoor Water Feature


  • Made From Resin 
  • LED Light and Pump- Includes a 3 Metre Power Cable with Plug 

A tranquil piece of home decor - overflowing terracotta pots effect table top indoor water fountain. This water feature comes with one 3 metre power cable that powers the water pump. The water trickles into the pot at the top and gently fills each pot until it pours into the tier below until it falls beneath and recycles the water back to the top of the rock pile. The gentle sound of flowing water creates a very peaceful environment.

A lovely indoor water fountain to bring a piece of your garden to your front room this winter. Enjoy the calming sound of trickling water with this perfect home decor item. It will work wonderfully in any room of the home to create a relaxing atmosphere. Buy for yourself or a friend, this high-quality item won't disappoint. 

Gift Idea: Parents who find it hard to switch off from stressful days or friends who like a relaxing home. 

Dimensions: Height: 28cm I Width: 21.5cm I Depth: 18.5cm I Weight: 0.9kg


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