Fairy House -Cobblers Shoe with Lights


  • Cobbers Shoe Fairy House with LED Lights
  • A Great Gift Idea For The Imaginative Minded
  • Perfect For Home and Garden

This is magical cobblers' shoe house with colourful LED lights.

Whether it's a fairy, pixie or an elf...

The decision is yours.

This whimsical home includes three test batteries to power the ever-changing colourful LED bulb.

This is a perfect gift for:
- The child with a vivid imagination
- The adult who's given them that vivid imagination
- Anyone who's a bit quirky, like...
- Fans of Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit, Fairy Tales and other magical fiction!
- Adding something unique and imaginative to the garden

These are ideal garden gifts!

Dimensions: Height: 13.5cm | Width: 12.5cm | Depth: 7.5cm

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