Incense Stick Burner Tripple Moon Plate Set of 2


  • Incense Stick Burner with Tripple Moon Symbol Set of 2
  • Made from Mango Wood with a Brass Inlay 
  • Perfect altar accessory for Wicca Fans 

A beautiful little incense burner set, they feature a Tripple Moon symbol making it the perfect gift for any amateur witch. The highly decorative item makes a wonderful addition to any room and will fill your home with a wonderful scent once your incense stick is lit. A lovely fragrance accessory that is sure to be a beautiful part of your house decor. It has 6 holes for incense sticks. 

See below for the meanings behind the symbol. 

Dimensions: Height: 10.2cm | Width: 10.2cm |  Depth: 1cm | Weight: 0.04kg (For single plate)

 The Triple Moon:

The triple moon symbol, depicting the three phases of the moon (waxing crescent, full moon and waning crescent), is often used to represent the Triple Goddess of Wicca and Neopaganism, where the Goddess is ascribed the three aspects of Maiden (representing youthful enthusiasm and the promise of new beginnings), Mother (representing ripeness, fertility, sexuality and power) and Crone (representing wisdom, repose, death and endings). These cauldrons are also available in a medium and large size! Perfect for all your charms and rituals.

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