Fairy Door - Light Blue Mushroom Cottage


  • Fantastically detailed resin Mushroom Cottage Fairy Door
  • A great gift idea for the imaginative minded
  • Ideal for the home or garden

This is an ornate doorway to a magical and mystical home!

Whether it's a fairy, pixie or an elf...the decision is yours!

This welcoming door will rest against a tree or wall but also has a toothed picture hook on the back for securing it a bit more permanently. The door doesn't open, but who leaves their door unlocked in this day and age anyway?

These are masterfully moulded resin with some serious precision in the details. The ornate iron hinges are captured in great detail and the stonework is remarkably accurate.

This is a perfect gift for:

  • The child with a vivid imagination who loves playing in the garden
  • The adult who's given them that vivid imagination
  • Anyone who's a bit quirky, like...
  • Fans of Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit, Fairy Tales and other magical fiction!
  • Adding something unique and imaginative to the garden
  • Seeing passer-by's reactions to seeing a door nailed to a tree!

These are ideal garden gifts that are weather resistant! They are not, however, resistant to kicking, aggressive vacuuming or footballs - so make sure it's well looked after.

DIMENSIONS: Height: 17cm | Width: 14cm | Depth: 4.3cm

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