British Baking Shelf Tidies


  • British Baking Shelf Tidy Book Ends
  • A Perfect Piece of Home Decor for the Baking Obsessed
  • Great Gift Idea for Lovers of Cooking

These bookends are perfect for the Great British Bake Off obsessed.

This excellent pair of bookends with a set of scales, a rolling pin and vintage mixing bowl are great for cookery fans.

Need to organise your recipes? Then get these book ends.

Fancy showing off your countless collection of CDs a bit differently? Then organise them with these ace tidies!

Hand painted finish, with vintage and retro looks, these book ends are an eye catching stand out from the dull, dreary, boring book ends that you're probably tired of seeing.

They are a good weight at 1.3kg, incredibly well manufactured and finished - these shelf tidy book ends will not disappoint.

Whether you're buying for yourself or someone else - don't miss out on these!

Left: Height: 15cm | Width: 13.2cm | Depth: 11cm
Right: Height: 13.5cm | Width: 12cm | Depth: 8.5cm


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