Bluebell Hare Antique Silver Effect Sculpture by Harriet Glen


  • Bluebell Hare
  • by Harriet Glen
  • Perfect for Lovers of this Country Classic

Antique Silver Hare This lovely sculpture is the perfect addition to any country-loving home. With a glorious depiction of a beautiful hare, this ornament is sure to bring some much-needed joy to your home. A wonderful gift idea for someone special especially if they are big animal enthusiasts. Made from resin and hand-painted this stunning antique silver. An affordable item that will create detail in your home without breaking your budget. Long-lasting and durable, this piece will be with you for many years to come. Part of a growing silver animal collection that includes everything from safari to domesticated species.

Dimensions: Height: 12cm | Width: 21cm | Depth: 12cm I Weight: 0.32kg

About Harriet Glen Sculptures

Harriet Glen is an Award winning artist from the beautiful Dorset countryside. Her bronze sculptures are internationally recognised in prestigious collections throughout Europe. “I try to convey more than just the physical aspect of the animals. Sculpture, being three dimensional, should incorporate the spiritual nature of the horse: How it feels jumping, playing, racing, the fear, the exertion, the endeavour. These are qualities that endear the horse to the human.”

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