Miss Penhalagans Makeup Glasses


Miss Penhalagans Glasses
These incredible magnifying glasses are useful in all sorts of practical situations as your eyesight begins to change. By wearing them low on the nose and adjusting the lenses back, forth and sideways you can see better but still look over the top.

They can be used at home for
● Sewing
● Makeup and personal care
● Crosswords and puzzles
● Texting and email
● Art and drawing
At work for
● Beauty therapy
● Barbering and hairdressing
● Keyboards
● Design and graphics
● Typing
...and many other activities.

Available in clear or rose-pink at a magnification of +3 they will arrive gift boxed.

They are suitable for all, but those who wear strong reading glasses may find them unsuitable. They can, however, be filled with your own prescription by some opticians.

Produced by Miss Penhalagan and distributed by Fiesta Studios they were designed in the UK and are exclusive to this company, being unavailable anywhere else.

For ideas on usage please follow misspenhalagansdiary.com
@miss_penhalagans_glasses on Instagram.

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