Globe and Telescope Shelf Tidies


  • Globe and Telescope Shelf Tidy Book Ends
  • A Perfect Piece of Home Decor for the Traveller
  • Great Gift Idea for Lovers of Globetrotting!

Explorers, travellers and backpackers! Do we have your attention?

If you yourself has had a taste of globetrotting, or know someone who has, then you will appreciate this perfect set of book ends with a world globe and a telescope.

Were your gap years made of memories that you've piled into photo albums, notepads or journals? Then keep them organised and tidy in between this set. Perhaps you fancy showing off your countless collection of CDs a bit different from everyone else, too. Are you the vintage vinyl hipster who has embraced its beautiful sound - these will also be for you!

They have a hand painted finish, with a hint of vintage. These book ends are, quite clearly, an eye catching stand out from the dull, dreary, boring book ends that you're probably tired of seeing.

They are a good weight at 1.5kg and we simply cannot speak highly enough of the production quality - words don't do them justice. Although we tried are hardest to do so with our blog here.

Whether you're buying for yourself or someone else - don't miss out on these!

Left: Height: 15.5cm | Width: 13.2cm | Depth: 9.1cm
Right: Height: 16cm | Width: 13.2cm | Depth: 9.1cm

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