Vintage Fruit Seller Artwork Wooden Crate Set


  • Set of 3 Wooden Crates in Natural Wood, with Vintage Covent Garden artwork
  • Set includes three boxes, small medium and large crate as shown
  • Perfect for home storage - what you choose to store is up to you! That's the beauty of these versatile and attractive wooden boxes.

These superb wooden crates are all designed with a vintage, rustic and shabby chic feel to them. They're perfect for kitchen storage, children's toy storage, soft furnishings and wedding decoration.

So whether you're filling them with wine bottles or vegetables - they're so versatile and attractive and you won't want them hidden away in a cupboard.

These are perfect for the retro kitchen!

Box 1: Height: 20cm Width: 45cm Depth: 24.5cm Weight: 1.2kg;

Box 2: Height: 19cm Width: 42cm Depth: 21.5cm Weight: 1kg;

Box 3: Height: 18cm Width: 39cm Depth: 18.5cm Weight: 0.9kg;

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