Snowy Santa Christmas Ornament


  • Snowy Santa Sculpture
  • Fun, Novelty Decorations for Christmas
  • Well made and a good size - perfect for all homes this winter!

A delightfully charming Snowy Santa Claus sculpture. Complete with a light glitter dusting for that winter sparkle. Get the Snowman and Reindeer for the complete set!

Fun, traditional, and "not on the high street" Christmas decorations.

Dimensions: Height: 44cm Depth: 12cm Width: 15cm Weight: 1.25kg

 As a gift company we're big on Christmas. 

We absolutely love being able to supply you with gifts to give to your loved ones that they will appreciate and cherish.

With that in mind, we've got our own range of Christmas decorations for your home or anyone you want to gift at Christmas. Fun, unique and always well made from sculpting resin - our Christmas decorations are perfect for your home.

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