Set of Four Musical Ceramic Coasters by Penny Gaj


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  • A brightly coloured, trippy set of Musical Ceramic Coasters
  • Based on the artwork of Penny Gaj
  • Set of Four with a Chrome Stand

Penny Gaj's trippy artwork has been adapted into this colourful set of four musical themed coasters.

They are complete with a chrome stand and make a great addition to the home.

Each coaster has a diameter of 9.8cm and a thickness of 0.6cm. They have a corked base dto prevent them from scratching your surfaces.

The Technical Stuff

All of our decorative ceramic coasters are individually hand painted by highly skilled artists and are highly labour intensive to make. They are fired at a very high temperature creating permanent images that will never fade.

The manufacturer has developed a method of production where there are very few cracking or hazing on the surface. If the artist name is stated, the tiles are hand painted reproductions of their work.

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