Pomme Pidou Tito the T-REX Dinosaur Animal Money Bank - Orange Circles


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  • Orange Circles Tito the T-Rex Pomme-Pidou of Belgium
  • Super-Colourful Money Bank for Saving those Loose Pennies
  • A Great Gift Idea!
  • The most famous Dinosaur of all comes to Pomme-Pidou. He won't bite... Hopefully!

Our exclusive ceramic Pomme-Pidou animal money boxes are a fantastic vibrant item and ideal for all ages to drop those loose pennies inside.

They're fun, quirky and a unique addition to a modern home. Don't miss out on these colourful piggy banks! 

The production method on Pomme-Pidou money banks means that each one is different from the next. The factory uses a decoupage technique with multiple layers.

They have a rubber stopper in the base. 

Dimensions: Height: 26cm | Width: 11cm | Depth: 19cm

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