Mova Globe - Political Map


  • Mova Globe with a Political Map Design
  • Mesmerising self-rotating Earth Globe by Turtletech
  • Available in Three Sizes

Mova Globes are the absolute business.

This Political Map Mova Globe is available in three sizes.

The small one has a diameter of 11.5cm, the medium 15cm and the large 21.5cm.

They come with a clear perspex stand and a Bible of user care instructions.

"Rotates silently on its own when exposed to ambient light."

The Mova globe, like the earth itself, turns on its own without any help from you. 

Mova Globes contain a strong magnet inside to interact with the earth's magnetic field.

The inner globe floats in an almost friction-free environment. 

The Mova globe gains its energy from the room light that passes through the graphic design and hits very specialised solar cells within the globe. An electric current provided by the cells powers a drive mechanism that is designed to move at a very low speed. 

It's perpetual, quiet motion brings a tranquil point of focus to any room.

The globe comes with detailed instructions for placement, care and specifications. 

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