Fairy Door - Sunken Pirates Door


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  • Pirate Cutlass & Skull Door
  • A Great Gift Idea For The Imaginative Minded
  • Perfect For Home and Garden

Now this is really something different! Fairies, Pixies, Elves - Walk the Plank! This is for the Swashbuckling, Treasure Plundering, High Seas Sailing Pirates! A simple fun pirate door, with a one eyed skull, pair of cutlasses and some slimy Octopus tentacles ready to ensnare unsuspecting landlubbers! 

This is a perfect gift for:

- The child with a vivid imagination
- The adult who's given them that vivid imagination
- Adding something unique and imaginative to the garden

These are ideal garden gifts, as they are made from strong weather proof resin for display throughout all times of the year.

Dimensions: Height: 14cm | Width: 9.5cm | Depth: 3.5cm | Weight: 200g

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