Buddha Baphomet Black Resin Sculpture


  • Buddha Baphomet Sculpture
  • Made from Resin with a Black Finish 
  • A Wonderful Decorative Pagan Item 

This wonderful representation of the Buddha Baphomet is the perfect altar accessory or Pagan home decoration. Guaranteed to be an eye-catching item that works well in any room. This makes the perfect gift for any budding witches or collecters of mystical objects. 

Dimensions: Height: 21cm | Width: 15cm | Depth: 7cm | Weight: 0.5kg

Buddha Baphomet

Baphomet, the character pictured here, is a popular figure tied to many pagan rituals and organizations. He has also been referred to as “the talking goat’s head”, “the goat of Mendes,” and “the horned god.” Because this idol has ties to so many pagan groups, no one is 100% certain who used it first. Groups throughout history who have used depictions of Baphomet in their rituals include (but are not limited to) Islamic mystics, the Knights Templar, Kabbalah, Roman pagans, Greek pagans, Druids, witches (both Wiccans and black witches), Satanists, and Freemasons. If anything, it shows that false religions have spiritual ties to each other and since they have those ties, it is no wonder that there is a push among all false religions to have a one-world religion that preaches about all roads leading to “God.” 

    Caring For Your Bronze Sculpture

    From bronze horse sculptures to elephants, hares to dogs are all cared for in exactly the same way.

    • Dust your bronze sculpture an untreated cloth or duster.
    • Don't use any chemicals at all.
    • If your sculpture is highly detailed or has tricky places to reach, use an artist’s paintbrush.

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