Pomme Pidou Buddy the Bulldog Animal Money Bank - Red Floral


  • Red Floral Buddy Bulldog by Pomme Pidou of Belgium
  • Super-colorful Money Bank for Saving those Loose Pennies
  • A Great Gift Idea
  • Studded Collar Included - What a Bruiser!

Our exclusive ceramic Pomme Pidou animal money boxes are fantastic vibrant items and ideal for all ages to drop those loose pennies inside.

They're a fun, quirky and unique addition to the modern home. Don't miss out on these colorful piggy banks! 

The production method on Pomme Pidou money banks means that each one is different from the next. The factory uses a decoupage technique with multiple layers.

They have a rubber stopper in the base.

Dimensions: Height: 19cm | Width: 9cm | Depth: 13cm

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