Sea Breeze Scented Candle in Beautiful Gift Box 200g


  • Song of India, Sea Breeze Soy Wax Candle
  • Net Weight: 200g; Burn Time: 50 Hours; Pure Cotton Wick
  • Made with toxin free natural soy wax, and NOT tested on animals
  • Each candle comes in a glass jar which is 9cm tall, and 8cm in diameter weighing approximately 0.5kg
  • Soft, gentle, yet full of vigor and life, the sea breeze makes you feel so alive! One whiff of this perky fragrance is all you need to brighten up your day, as this fresh, vivacious note infuses energy into the body, mind and soul. This scent will take you to a bright beautiful day by the sea.

Little Pleasures Scented Candle: Spreading Light, Warmth and Fragrance!

There is just something about a candle that adds a very special touch to the ambience, whether it's the coziness factor or just sheer elegance that it lends to the decor.

What makes our candles a cut above the rest id the fact that they are all hand poured, infused with fragrant essential oils and made with toxin free soy wax. You will love their fresh fragrance, and how they make the most beautiful addition to any space.

Always be careful when using candles and follow the precautions written on the item box. Keep out of reach of children and always keep on a heat proof surface when lit.

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